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Today, people are constantly using mobile applications up to date. It is necessary for some and unnecessary for others. Especially social media applications are used at a high level. Some applications are also used to make friends. Moreover, the number of users is not so small. In this article, what are the 6 most used online friend applications in the world? We will talk about its features.

The advancing technology of online dating sites (online dating) has increased mobile usage and has become suitable for this and can be easily downloaded to smart phones with online software. People’s need for social media, internet usage times, and their interactions with each other in social networks have increased compared to the past years. Increasing social media application has also revealed new applications in this direction in order to make it easier for people to meet each other. These kinds of practices, which help people to meet each other, bring them together and make friends, have left their innocence to the concept of “friends with benefits” in English. Let’s take a look at the most famous of all these applications.

The 6 most used online dating apps in the world | People of different races from all over the world talk through online dating apps.

Tinder is perhaps the application that makes the least compromise from the line of applications that emerged for the purpose of finding friends. After creating a profile in the application, you specify a distance, age range and which male / female friend you want to find in the “search settings” section. According to this interval, you determine how many kilometers in diameter and in what age range you will have the chance to meet with people. Then, when you start using the application, you will see profiles that tell you how far it is located. If you like the person you like right (like) or the candidate you do not want to meet, you swipe to the left (disslike). The feature that distinguishes Tinder from other applications emerges here. Candidates you like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) are not notified in any way. Therefore, you do not receive any notification either. The match progresses as a completely blind match, and in this case, a sense of attraction is added to the work. When there is a match, that is, when there is a mutual appreciation, a special conversation window opens for two people and now you have the chance to communicate with the other person. In these circumstances, the speed at which you match anyone can be quite slow. For this, Tinder has a feature called “super like”. Velev that you really liked the person you came across and you want to communicate in some way. With Super like, a notification is sent directly to the person you like. However, if you are using a free Tinder account, this feature offers 1 Super Like for 24 hours.

There are in-app purchase packages available for the app to make a profit.

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