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With the notification dated 02.07.2012 and numbered KYB.2012 / 11324 issued by the Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Appeals, to interrupt the benefit of the General Directorate of Criminal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice on the date 40011 and the numbered law 07/19/2012 / 2012/186611;

2004/344 of the Compliance and Bankruptcy Law No. 1, to defendant X for the crime of non-compliance with the provision of food. Bakirkoy 3rd Execution Sanction on the repeal of the aforementioned decision and the reduction of the complainant’s right to complaint due to the expiration of the complaint period, with the acceptance of the objection formulated against the decision of the 1st Criminal Execution Court of Bakırköy of 04.25. .2012. 2012 and number 48 / 122-2. In the examination of the file related to the judicial decision dated 05/07/2012 and number 2012/50;

In file number 2/2009 of the Bakırköy Enforcement Directorate 18523 of the complainant’s lawyer, alimony In the event that he requests that alimony be processed in addition to his account receivable and there is no payment from the debtor to the file, the decision was not made in writing regardless of the start of the new reporting period for each unpaid current monthly alimony. In accordance with article 5271 of the Code of Criminal Procedure numbered 309, the file sent to our department with the corruption request was examined and the necessary steps were taken:

According to the content of the examined file, the opinion in the notice issued regarding the request for interruption for the benefit of the law was seen on the spot, in order to avoid any disadvantage in accordance with article 2 of the CMK of Bakırköy 07.05.2012nd Enforcement Court dated 2012 and file number 50/5271, Supreme Court number 309, The Chief Prosecutor’s Office was decided unanimously on 12/27/2012.

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