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A representation that became more meager when three of these deputies changed jacket and joined the Peronist bloc.

3. Creation of Republican proposal, ascent to the Government of Buenos Aires and the procedural cause by espionage

Despite God’s first personal attempt at the polls, Macri entered to stay in Argentine politics, as of 2005 with a remarkable quota of parliamentary power for the formation of him, if circumscribed to the Federal Capital. On May 25, 2005, facing the following electoral exam, the legislatives of October 23, Macri sealed an alliance with the Liberal Party recreate for growth that encouraged the economist and former Radical Minister Ricardo López Murphy, third in the presidential ones of 2003 after Menem and Kirchner. In August, the coalition, who claimed to offer an alternative of “centroderech” to the thriving kirchnerism and the rest of an increasingly divided justicialism, was recorded under the name of Republican proposal (Pro), incorporating as a third partner to the Federal Party. Now, Pro only operated in Buenos Aires, the city and the province, two districts that added 46% of the national vows.

Celebrated the elections, Macri was made with the seat of National Deputy for the Capital District, where he had opponent Elisa Carrió, of the Civic Coalition Ari, and Rafael Bielsa, from the Kirchnerist in front for Victory (FPV), but López Murphy failed In his candidacy for senator for the Buenos Aires. In the elections carried out in the autonomous city the performance of PRO was very positive and the party dominated the other contending forces with 34% of the votes, although in the province was relegated to the fourth place. In total, the Coalition of Macri remained with nine benches in the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress and took 18 of the 30 renewed seats in the local legislative.

PRO went by leading the parliamentary opposition to the government of the Autonomous City and played a fundamental role in the political judgment that was applied to Ibarra for “poor performance” of his functions in relation to the tragic fire of the Cromañon disco, happened in December 2004 and in which almost 200 people were killed. Ibarra was suspended in office in November 2005 and finally dismissed himself in March 2006. The Headquarters of the Government went to then Viceject of the Executive and Head of the Legislature, the Kirchnerist Jorge Telerman.

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