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Don’t doubt yourself! Remember, there is no rightful violence!

Research your lover, seeing the violence as a problem. Your lover is striving to make a safe and equal relationship with you? Cooperate in order to establish a violent relationship?

You can protect the limits by putting rules to establish a safe and equal relationship. Putting the rules is a step to say which type of behavior will not accept and get away from it when you do not comply with these rules or leave it to be safe. In this way, you can establish nonviolent, safe, equal relationships.

If you are facing any kind of violence you can’t be safe without violence. If your lover does not see the violence as a problem and you don’t take any step to stop the violence, you should get away from the relationship. Don’t try to change it. Remember, it is his responsibility to stop violence. If he does not stop the violence, the violence will continue increasing. You should be self-protected and relevant.

When you think about leaving your lover, “It is going to be very good to me”, “It’s not always frustrated”, “It’s actually loves me so much” you can be covered. You may be afraid to be alone. You can try to leave before and forgive him. You may be striving to be someone as he wants. You may be hoping that she can have a very good relationship with him ahead. In this case, you have entered the cycle of violence. You must recognize the cycle of violence.

I think man should first love yourself to be protected from this type of things. Faring away from people who have established such prints on the people who treat you like a garbage. These behaviors are not indicative of love, first understand that.

Pink hidden in love with a sufferer in the site should read this myself. They are exposed to the flirting violence you know but I still love him, ask questions, I should be folded. Please read a little, let your mind come on your head.

According to me the conclusions that are caused by men’s ego and personality of men. But here, I criticize our girls, because they are only unconscious of whom they will be with their feeling that they will only decide with their feelings without passing through the logic strainer.

In this bencem, the intensity of flirting only does not cover men at the same time they can apply flirting violence in women and are subject to flirting violence in males.

I agree primarily no to say no. People love me that he is so grabbed in the perception of acting like that. Whereas there isn’t even a release. The human loving person doesn’t act like that. He should boot their own limits and should never be tolerable with such behaviors.

I’m 15 years of marriage AHA 16 is going on my voice once more I’m not yorkdin I have been mad at my wife, but I’m not mad at my wife

Not angry as it is not angry of our Prophet Lord’s come on to my mind every time the devil comes the devil that it’s going to be fully angry that hadith in my ears

If the flirting has become violent, the follow-up maniac, envy is transformed into the crisis, it is deemed to be carefully and is a spiritual disease. When profession is military service, such a thousand soldiers were passed. I sent most of the psychiatry to treatment. Somewhere is that s. Ksen doesn’t improve again.

Thank you have been a nice I think. Our depression rate as society has been very very increased, the Buddha turns into violence.

I’m selling the Mr. Mr. My most recent year I didn’t have ever been in a kind.

O Master I didn’t say to the man. We cannot explain women’s murders, nervous crisis, their pares with just flirting violence. This is a mental disorder. We cannot pass with a simple determination of violence.

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