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The Province of Buenos Aires, on the other hand, was an impregnable bastion of the Justicialista Party. Macri set his ambitions in what was one of the nation’s most important institutional political positions.

In July 2001, as a first step to fulfill his aspirations, Macri launched the Crecer y Crecer Foundation, conceived to contribute to the “design of public policies and the development of training workshops,” read his presentation, in the context of the economic and social calamity that befell the country. More specifically, the NGO focused its interests on finding solutions to the problems that afflicted the Buenos Aires megalopolis. Macri already had his own laboratory of ideas, but more important was to equip himself with a political group in accordance with his conservative liberal ideas. Although he came from rubbing shoulders with the Menemism (indeed, in 2003, in a television program, he was going to refer to the former president as “the great transformer”), the businessman presumed to be politically independent, neither Peronist, nor radical, nor by frepasista course.

At the beginning of 2003 the soccer leader and his inseparable Nicolás Caputo presented Commitment for Change (CPC), a party that was to serve as a vehicle for the candidacy of the first to the Buenos Aires city hall. Macri’s new formation was the backbone of the broader Alianza Frente Compromiso para el Cambio, which attracted several small parties with disparate tendencies, although all united by ideological moderation and the rejection of the classic antinomy of justicialism-radicalism.

The vote took place on August 24, 2003 (three months after the kidnapping with the outcome of safe and sound release, after payment of a ransom to the criminals, of Florencia Macri, the 19-year-old stepsister), and in it Macri gave the bell by overcoming with 37.5% of the votes his rival candidate for reelection, Ibarra, who had the support of the newly installed president of the Nation, the center-left Peronist Néstor Kirchner, former governor of Santa Cruz and faced with the traditional justicialism that Menem and several provincial leaders of the PJ personified, who came to ask for the vote for the CPC. A second round was necessary. It took place on September 14 and Ibarra managed to turn the tables, winning his second term with 53.5% of the vote. As for the national legislative, those of Macri put five representatives, all for the Federal Capital, in the Chamber of Deputies that dominated the PJ.

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